The Slow Medicine Approach

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When one thinks of slow medicine you think a slow process. A process when doctors take there time with their patients really getting to know them and understand their issues. Slow Medicine is just taking the time to talk, examine and even re-examine a patient. Ask advice from other doctors. Go over lab tests and X-rays of patients. To think about a diagnosis and if they should have the patient continue or discontinue medications or try a new medication. There is no harm in taking the time to examine a patient and to make sure they are being properly diagnosed. Many doctors today look for the quick fix, anyway to make a quick buck. They don’t take the time to really understand their patients and properly treat them. Not the way Victoria Sweet did. Victoria Sweet took the time getting to know her patients, reading over their charts and thoroughly examining each and every patient she saw. Sweet showed me that some doctors could have true compassion for their patients. Victoria Sweet worked with many patients at Laguna Honda using a Slow Medicine approach. The main patients that illustrated a Slow Medicine approach would be Mrs. Muller and Janice Gilroy. This paper will discuss …show more content…
Ms. Gilroy used a wide verity of drugs containing, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and alcohol. Ms. Gilroy had high blood pressure, kidney disease, poor circulation, a bad liver, memory issues and a weak heart all from the drugs and alcohol she ingested. The main issue was the stroke she had affecting the right side of her brain causing her to become depressed. Dr. Dan flooded Janice with medications making her symptoms worse and her more depressed. Dr. Dan was unable to see Janice so he asked Dr. Sweet to see her. Thank god she did because Dr. Sweet found that Janice was being poisoned by the increased medication Dr. Dan flooded into her. Victoria Sweet removed all the medication Janice was taking and she improved

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