What Are The Long Term Effects Of Child Abuse

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Children are society 's futures, they take over the previous generation 's jobs and create further advancements in the world. No one would think about hurting a child, right? Sadly that is not the case in our world. Studies have shown that “about 40 million children worldwide suffer abuse every year.” 40 million is an extremely high number and to make things worse, every year “1500 children die in the united states because of abuse.” These children have so much to look forward to but their lives are being taken away from them. This can count for all types of abuse, physical, mental and sexual. The immense effects that abuse have on children deteriorates their mental and physical state leading to problems such as problems in childhood, adulthood …show more content…
The freedom of leaving the nest and being able to do things on your own. It’s a bittersweet time going off on your own. It can also be difficult to make this transaction. You are left to fend for yourself, provide for your own needs. What makes this harder for some is emotional trauma they have experienced in the past. Child abuse has long term effects on its victims. Life skills they would have been taught in their younger years may be unknown to them, since distancing themselves from others results in not learning from the world around them. They will still be closed off from others, the abuse leading to strong trust issues starting from a young age. Studies have explained that this will also lead to many problems with relationships, romantic friendly. In females this is especially true if the abuser in their younger years was male. They no longer have trust in men as a whole, they do not want to go through the pain again. The male species may remind them of those sad days. Most abuse to children is usually inflicted by family members or those of close relation. Parents, aunts and uncles and even close family friends are prime examples of this. Romantic relationships are a struggling thing because of this. The women feel almost as if someone that was supposed to love them in their family caused them such harm a lover would do the same thing. They have a constant fear of going through the pain again. Depression is …show more content…
With all the emotional trauma they go through some may feel like there is no way out. Depression can make one suicidal so pain is the only way some may feel to get out. The suicide rate in young people is abnormally high. Many of young suicides are results of forms of abuse. The pain the children suffer on a daily basis because of the physical abuse can lead to self harming that comes with depression. Inflicting pain on themselves may feel like an escape from the pain the receive from the abuser. 1500 children dying in the United states a year should show others the kind of pain the children suffer. From being beaten to their young lives ripped away from them is such a tragic thought.

Child abuse is something that the world will never be able to fully remove from society. Citizens are encouraged to look for signs of abuse. The children will not speak out about it on their own because of fear that always follows. Luckily helplines have been set up in numerous countries for those afraid to speak to finally have a voice. The impact of abuse is something that will forever emotionally and physically scar children leading to problem in their childhood, adulthood physical problems as well. With the help of others perhaps the rate of children being abused will

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