Cause And Effect On Child Abuse

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Children throughout the world are experiencing a shocking amount of abuse at the hands of family members and friends. Many times this treatment is considered to by “discipline” or to “teach a lesson” to the child. Unfortunately, to a child, verbal and physical punishment results in damage to self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to grow into a functioning productive adult. Children raised in abusive environments have a difficult time trusting people, and often develop a pattern of abusive behavior to others in their lives. The pattern of abuse and the resulting behaviors is a cycle that is difficult to break, without the assistance of highly trained counselors, therapists and other specialists. It has been estimated that “ physical …show more content…
Abuse is used on a daily basis and is hurting children all around the world, Abuse is used a lot more than people actually think, which is actually horrible because people tend to abuse their children is they were actually abused as a child. Abusing your child can end up affecting your child 's life. It is very hard for a child that is abused to get their feelings out in the correct way. They do not know exactly how to tell you how they feel. They could become aggressive, depressed, or even distant from you. When the child gets older, the abuse could make them have problems, and “ 83% say it does affect life when they get older” (Swartz 600). Children already have enough to worry about, and if they have to worry coming home and getting screamed at or hit, they could potentially end up hurting themselves. Some people think that it might be just one parent, but both parents can be involved in the abuse. Parents can actually rub off on one another and make the one parent do the same as the abusive parent is doing, but
“whether used by father or mother, [it] increases the risk of behavioral problems in young children”(Mackenbach). The abuse of a child from their parents could end up ruining a child 's life. People think that ‘abuse’ is just discipline and that it is okay to do, but verbal and physical abuse can make children have behavioral and other problems throughout life and make them more likely to abuse their own children in the future. Parents need to start focusing on what causes the abuse to fix the

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