Why Do Christians And Muslims Believe In One True God?

What events in the past have influenced the current tension between the two groups from their personal religious views, their Holy Books, and their views toward each other’s religion? There is a question that pops up in my mind and probably a few other people’s minds, “If Christians and Muslims believe in one true God, then why is there such a controversy about it?” I often ask myself this question when the subject is brought up. “Our understanding of who Christ helps us understand the One God in different terms.” –Fr. Theodore Pulcini. In both religions, God is the sovereign ruler over all mankind, but who God sent to all of mankind to spread the word of God is quite the controversy. Christianity has three major beliefs that play a big role …show more content…
When Muslims lost territory due to the Christian Reconquista it resulted in the Muslims receiving a policy of tolerance during the fifteenth century. Jane Smith also states in her article below, “Christian-Muslim Relations of the 21st Century”, that today the Muslim-Christian relationship is affected by fear from centuries of Islamic violence. Smith expresses that a Christian aspect toward the prophet Muhammad as a phony and the Qur’an to be deceitful. The Christian aspect toward the Qur’an is that they believe the only connection between the Bible and the Qur’an is Jesus Christ himself (“Christianity vs. Islam”). Christians also believe the Qur’an did not come from the one true God because of the misconceptions or misunderstandings found inside. Christians further disagree with the Qur’an because it expresses Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, but claims Jesus was not the Son of God and He was not crucified on a cross (“Christianity vs. Islam”). Christian’s thoughts toward Muhammad would be they would have to disagree with him. They believed that if Muhammad was a prophet of God’s he would have been merciful instead of sinful and murderous (“Christianity vs. Islam”). In Christianity, the only assurance to get into heaven is by salvation through Jesus Christ and by faith alone. Christians disagree when it comes to the Muslim understanding of how they’ll get to heaven. Muslims believe they can get in heaven by doing good deeds as described by Muhammad (“Christianity vs. Islam”). Paul S. Taylor states in his website, under “But do Muslims have any guarantee of salvation?” since Muslims believe in “works oriented” faith, there is no assurance of getting into heaven. In works oriented faith, Muslims

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