The Tenant 's, Public Health, School Nurses, Meals On Wheels, Store Owners

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The potential partners in this assessment are the tenant’s, public health, school nurses, meals on wheels, store owners, Federal Government, Section 8, public housing agencies, landlord’s, who work independently or as a member of a collaborative team to improve the overall health of the senior citizen and their community. Also, the potential partners will work with, policy makers, law enforcement who relate to the laws in the city of Detroit.
Key Informant
The main key informants for the assessment was a group of tenants that lived in the building on Woodward near the Medical Center. Information that was collected from the informants with their permission stated that the building needed more resources for the tenants. Such as safety, convenience, transportation, and more grocery stores in the area. The informant also mentioned that even though they are having construction done in the area. The tenants who are mostly elderly and disabled do not feel safe when using the public sidewalks due to the construction that is being done in the area.
Strengths and Concerns Some of the strengths seen in the senior citizen housing are communication with the other tenants they said they have sewing classes together some male tenants also participated watching movies, meals on wheels and just getting along with one another, the male tenants seems to be very protective all over the less stronger tenants such the sick and handicap when it comes to their safety “stated one of the…

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