The Tempest By Giorgione Analysis

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The artwork, The Tempest by Giorgione in 1505, is displayed on page 283 of the textbook. The size of The Tempest is 82 x 73 cm, done on canvas with oil.
I chose this work of art because it appeals to my sense of aesthetics. First I will describe the subject matter and then the content. I will also be analyzing each element and principle of design in the painting 's composition. The Tempest depicts a woman who is holding a baby and feeding him outdoor in the occasion of a storm approaching; a man stands beside the woman with holding a long rod and looks at her in a distance. The man wears a white shirt, red coat, and brown shorts. And woman only wears a white shawl seated on the grass. Two leafy and tall trees are behind the woman and man.
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There are curvy lines in the wrinkles of their dresses. Straight lines are used on the grains of the trees. And some vertical lines and horizontal lines are used in building to create their shapes. The people’s lines of sight are implied lines to show the direction of their gaze to the baby. Shape- The painting itself is a rectangle. There are some geometric shapes like rectangle buildings and round pillars. However, other objects such as trees and grass in this painting have organic shapes, so their shapes are irregular. Also, the people in this painting show a biomorphic shape. People’s faces are oval and so are their eyes. Value- There is a great amount of contrast. Chiaroscuro is certainly evident due to the illusion of light and shadow as the light source is coming from the left upside casting shadows on the right downside. Also, there are areas of strong contrast such as her light skin against the dark surroundings. Color- The color is local color as it replicates the appearance of the real world. The colors are natural. The sky is dark blue to gray and the grass of consists of dark green to intermediate color blue-green. The skin of the woman is a soft fleshy yellow-like …show more content…
If I touched the painting I might feel rough because it is an oil painting. But in the detailed parts, I would feel different. I would feel smooth on people’s skins and feel soft on their dresses. Space- Since the painting itself is two-dimensional painting, the painting has shallow space. But Giorgione uses atmospheric perspective and overlapping to contributes the three-dimensional illusion. Overlap amongst the woman, tree, and building creates a greater sense of depth in this painting.
The Principles of Design: Balance- The painting is asymmetric. When I draw a vertical line in the middle, two sides of the painting are totally in different shapes. Dominance- The most dominant item in the work is the woman, because the figure is the lightest color in this paining. Rhythm- There are some patterns in the painting. For example, the curve lines repeatedly show on the edges of figure to create a pattern. The horizontal and vertical lines repeatedly appeal on the grains of the trees and bridge. Harmony- The only medium, oil, uses in the painting shows uniformity. The color, in general, uses a dark color. The most parts of the painting, such as trees and grass are used dark

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