The Teaching Career Of A Black Man Essay

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To Sir, With Love follows the teaching career of a black man who had just finished his time in the British Air Force. He was convinced he would find a decent job right out of the military because he stayed current in his field: Communications Engineering. However, because he is black, no one would hire him even though he was qualified. Braithwaite discusses the difficulty of the scuttle and polite racism that exists in England, where the people there did not believe they were oppressors. The only place that he can find a job is Greenslade Elementary School. A school in London’s Easy End, where the kids come from disadvantaged homes and the school is different than most. Through is own methods, he gains the respect of his students and finds teaching to be a very difficult, yet rewarding, career. This book did hold my interest, which I found surprising because the beginning moved along slowly. I thought is this going to be a book about a man who could not find another job and decides on teaching. Too many times today, when people do not know what they want to do, they “settle” on teaching. This is discouraging for someone who has known they’ve wanted to be a teacher their whole life. I could not have been more wrong. Yes, the author did not choose teaching, but was sort of forced into it because of the racism that existed at this time. His experiences were ones I will probably never go through, and the way he wrote his story kept me interested. I would say the overall…

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