The Teacher : Initiation / Motivation ( 5 Minutes ) Essays

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A) Initiation/Motivation: (5 Minutes)
1. The teacher will begin the lesson by asking the students to walk over to their letter on the carpet. The teacher will explain that today they are going to look at a poem about 3D shapes, and then they are going to complete a shape sort at their seats on their own.
2. The teacher will them tell the students that first the teacher will play the 3D shape song so the students can listen and sing along. The teacher will walk over to the computer and get the song up, as the song introduces each new shape the teacher will hold up a manipulative of that shape so the students can place the name with the shape. This will also give the students a good visual of the real life examples the song will be talking about.
3. Once the song is over the teacher will ask the students to sit back on their own letter. Then the teacher will ask the students about the song and shapes. The teacher will hold up a shape and ask, “What is this shape’s name?” and the teacher will do this for each shape (have the students shout out the answer).
B) Lesson Body: (35 Minutes)
1. The teacher will then pull up the poster that the teacher and the students made together the other day in class. The teacher will review the poster with the students, and the teacher will call on some students to read the poster to the other students; for example (pointing to the first shape), “What is this shape’s name?” “How many faces does this shape have?” “What are some examples of this…

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