The Teacher I Interviewed Gave Me Insight On The Education System As A Whole

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Educators everywhere have diverse views of the education system as a whole. The teacher I interviewed gave me insight on her views as an educator in today’s time. Mrs. Ezell, a current preschool teacher at the Woodland pre-k, discussed the importance of creativity in the classroom. She also discussed different learning styles and the need for differentiation. Her primary purpose as a teacher is to benefit each child in the classroom.
Creativity goes beyond painting and drawing pictures; it benefits each student in a remarkable way. Creativity allows the student to express his or herself without any rejection or criticism. Encouragement and support are always given to welcome new ideas. Students in her class can feel safe enough to express themselves, however, creativity needs to be balanced with guidelines of the instruction. In lower grades like preschool, children learn primarily through example. It is truly impossible to teach without creativity and there are many ways to use it every day. Mrs. Ezell said, “Creativity is an excellent way to really get to know each student as an individual. I add skits, writing, reading, and drawing to many lessons so she can see the child’s creative ability.” Mrs. Ezell made it clear that she does not judge this on the perfection level, but rather, on an emotional level to understand the student more clearly. By doing this, teaching to each student becomes much easier. She recommended this method to new teachers to create a positive…

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