The Tactics Used During World War I Essay

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During World War I there were many different military strategies and tactics used during World War I. The most effective of the strategies and tactics was the use of chemical warfare by the German army. Chemical warfare had never been used before in battle and the Germans were the first to ever use it. The use of chemical warfare was the deadliest because, the enemy had never been faced with an attack like it before so they never expected it, and they were unprepared to deal with the attacks of the gas and the casualties that followed it.
The first of the chemicals ever created and used in World War I was chlorine gas. In 1914 a chemist named Fritz Haber offered his services to the German army. Chlorine gas was first to be used in trench warfare. Haber’s wife disagreed with his decision to use his talents for war, and committed suicide to protest her disagreement after he refused to stop working with the Germans (John simkin). Chlorine gas was never used in battle before and was going to be a big surprise for the allied alliance. Soldiers were completely unaware of what they were walking into when faced off with chlorine gas, they had no clue what it was or how they were going to define themselves against it. “We herd them say it was gas. We didn’t know what the hell gas was. When we got to Ypres we found a lot of Canadians lying there dead from gas the day before, poor devils, it was a quite terrible sight...” (Commander John French). World War I was a war with a…

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