Essay on The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Current News Assignment When considering the current issues of multiculturalism in Europe, repercussions of the Syrian Refugee Crisis jump to mind, or perhaps Muslim migration to Europe in general. However, an understanding which focuses solely on Muslim migrants does an extreme disservice to the discussion of European multiculturalism as a whole and the developing definition of what it means to be European. The recent and drastic increase of Muslim migration to Europe has, however, aided in resurfacing questions of multiculturalism and national identity. France has historically had issues with these questions, regardless of the origin of the people coming to France. France has a very distinct national identity and anything that calls that national identity into question has the potential to be seen as a threat. In “Killing of Migrant Forces France to Confront Treatment of Chinese”, author Martin de Bourmont discusses the beating and subsequent death of Zhang Chaolin, a Chinese tailor living in Aubervilliers. De Bourmont argues that the treatment of migrants in France is as an issue that needs to be addressed and represents this argument though the outlet of the New York Times, his own background as a journalist, and his chosen rhetorical devices. The article “Killing of Migrant Forces France to Confront Treatment of Chinese” was written by Martin de Bourmont. The article was published in the New York Times on October 15, 2016 in order to raise awareness on current…

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