Importance Of Immigration In France

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Immigration in France is widely being influenced by its former colonies in Africa, morocco, Algeria, Vietnam and a little part of India mainly Pondicherry. The influx of immigrant population were high as a result of World War I and II. Post World War, the soldiers who fought were given French citizen ship in a manner of paying tribute to their service to the country. As a result France has not only accommodated people of different origins but has also warmly accepted the religious and cultural diversity attached with them. The recent reports published by OECD has revealed that the African immigrants make up to 30% when compared to 46% of immigrant population from Europe and almost
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The transition of Algerian immigrants towards France who mostly are Muslims has caused a cultural impact on native French who mostly are Christians. It has become a tendency of the immigrant population to form clusters within their cultural group for succor there by neglecting and refusing their involvement with the native French community. France has a history of separating religion from politics hence it gives freedom to practice any religion that the immigrant’s wishes to which has raised growing concerns regarding radical Muslims. Meanwhile it has become a wide belief that the French are becoming xenophobic. The comments by the common public of asking the immigrants to leave France if they don’t comply with the French law and the national society serves as an example. Furthermore a large share of people believe that the immigrant population in France is substantially increasing and the prime areas of concern is that the immigrants fail to be tolerant, respectful and incorporate with the French culture which is often the reason for disputes. On the other hand the immigrants of North African origin want the French to treat them fairly and avoid racial discrimination against them. In most cases the French government is making sure that the immigrants are treated fairly, they are being provided with housing …show more content…
The economic growth has sprouted during the later years however not at a faster pace as it did earlier. The trend of selecting immigrant population as low wage labors instead of native French has often caused tensions between the natives and the immigrants over employment. The natives tend to feel that they could not compete with the immigrants as take up the jobs at cheaper wages which has led to unemployment rate of over 10 % since 1980. In few cases the immigrants tend to be aggressive players, they take risks and start their own business employing personnel’s from their own community there by having a strong hold in the country’s economy and possess a strong competition to native French leading to their financial fall back. The money spent by French government on immigrant welfare such as housing and other welfare services including common protection services from fire and police services are becoming expensive due to the expanding immigrant population. It has been estimated that there are about two hundred to four hundred thousand illegal immigrants especially Muslims in France despite the efforts to evict them since1990s. In defiance of all these issues France is making its best efforts to culturally integrate the immigrants and maintain French national identity which was actively brought

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