The Struggle Against The Roma

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The Roma, within France and throughout Europe, have been marginalized and subordinated for centuries. The Roma, and NGOs working on their behalf, face a stalemate in France because the government doesn’t have much incentive to help the Roma, despite treaties to protect human rights, and IGO allocations available to fund Roma integration. This paper will detail the rights abuses committed against the Roma: by both the French state and by individuals, and will continue onto assess solutions. In order to protect the Roma from societal human rights abuses, France must change its rhetoric surrounding the Roma, access EU social integration funding, and reform policies that limit the Roma’s rights—especially focusing on education because of its ability to be applied universally.
However, before delving into solutions, it’s necessary to comprehend the realities of the human rights crisis the Roma face. The Roma are a long misunderstood people, notions of whom are muddled with misconception. Even professionals researching the Roma community must combat ignorance:
I actually realised that there is a
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French Penal Code, says “perpetrating a crime or an offence on the basis of the real or perceived race, ethnicity, nationality, … of the victims constitutes an aggravating circumstance,” with “aggravating circumstance” in functioning much in the same way “hate crime” does in the United States’ criminal

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