The Syrian Civil War Essay

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Countries have a moral obligation to protect the human rights of refugees."

“In the early morning hours of August 21, 2013, rockets carrying chemical weapons struck outside the Syrian capital of Damascus, killing an estimated 1429 people, including 426 children” (O’Rourke 711). It is commonly believed that the Syrian government perpetrated this attack and it is only a glimpse into how violent and atrocious the Syrian Civil War is. Since the start of the war in March 2011, about 4.6 million Syrians have become refugees and 6.6 are displaced because of the Syrian Civil War (UNHCR 2015). Syria is one modern example that defines refugees and human rights violations. The subject of Syrian refugees has also sparked controversy universally. It has been widely debated whether countries around the world have an obligation to accept these refugees within their borders and protect their human rights once they are there. Arguments range from discussing possible national threats to directly follow the 14th article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In an ideal world, refugees wouldn’t exist because all countries would participate in protecting the human rights of all human beings. Though today not all countries have the resources or are economically stable enough to take care of refugees as well as protect their rights. That is why powerful and wealthy countries should be obligated to step up to host refugees, provide funds for the humanitarian needs of the refugees, and…

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