The Symbolism Of The Illuminati

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In everyone's pockets in the country there is the sign of the Illuminati, whether you’ve known it or not. Some people believe that the symbol of the Illuminati is an All Seeing Eye that sits atop a pyramid, which is on the one dollar bill! The Illuminati is an organization that has sparked controversy over the years. There are many different people saying several different things about the Illuminati, many people say that it isn’t real and it never was, some say that it was a religion, and some say it still even exists today.
The Illuminati were actually going to be named the Perfectibilists. Research states that the Illuminati means “The Enlightened Ones”. The Illuminati is a secret organization that are liberators with a religious overtone.
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According to the video 10 facts about the real Illuminati heir organization ended in 1783 by an edict in Bavaria banning all secret societies. In 1797 and 1798 two books were published stating that the Illuminati still existed. Several organization exist today the claim to be a connection of the original Illuminati (10 facts). A popular and well known symbol of the Illuminati is the All Seeing Eye that sits atop a pyramid represents elite control of the masses. Around the All Seeing Eye there are latin words that say “Annuit Coeptis, Novus Ordo Seculorum” meaning “announcing the birth of New World Order”. There are also arguments contradicting that the All seeing eye is the actual symbol of the Illuminati. Some people believe that the Owl of Mineria is the symbol of the Illuminati instead of the All Seeing Eye, which represents wisdom and the ability to see in the dark. Another symbol is the Monarch Butterfly that represents change, as the caterpillar metamorphosizes into a …show more content…
The Illuminati was founded by a professor of Canon Law, Adam Weishapt. Adam was a Doctor of Law at 20, and a professor at 24. His Illuminati moniker was ‘Brother Spartacus’ (10 facts). Although the founder of the Illuminati is known there are only theories about who was and or are still involved. There is a theory about who all’s involved in the secret organization. Some believed that it was made up of individuals, families, corporations, and Roman Catholic Priests. According to the video 10 facts about the real Illuminati, most of these people that made up the secret organization were intellectuals. “The order started with a masonic lodge structure and just 5 members. In the first 10 years that they were established there were near 2000 members. Some of these members included the Prince of Salzburg, Gottfried Van Swieten, Patron of Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn (10 facts). But an interview with a senior member of the Illuminati says “I’m apart of the 12-man Ruling Council with five Americans, five Western Europeans, one Russian, and one Indian”

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