Essay on The Swiss Family Robinson: Book Report

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I. Title of the Book
The Swiss Family Robinson

II. Name of the Author
Johann Wyss

III. Copyright Date

IV. Publishing Company
Playmore Inc., Publishers and Waldman Publishing Corp.,

V. Number of Chapters
Sixteen (16) chapters

VI. Number of Pages Read
Two hundred twenty three (223) pages

VII. Setting In a Tropical Island

VIII. Characters/Characterization Mr. Robinson
-Father in the selection Elizabeth
-Mother in the selection Fritz
-Eldest son in the selection Francis
-Youngest son in the selaction Ernest
-Second to the youngest in the selection Jack
-Second to the eldest in the selection Emily Montrose
-Shipwrecked girl
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But they forgot the Robinsons. After that, the storm fade and the family found them in the island. They construct a raft made out of empty barrels and made their house on top of a huge tree. They found different food and even met different wild animals. After almost ten years of living on the island, the boys grew-up and one day Fritz received a message from a bird which says to save an unfortunate English woman in the smoking rock.

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