The Survival Of The Fittest Essay

1054 Words Oct 31st, 2014 null Page
Survival of the fittest: How to survive first semester at UC Merced When high school students envision college they think, college is going to be like in movies: party every weekend, have a ton of friends and have perfect grades. On the contrary, in most college movies there is always the studious, unsocial and really reserved roommate; some students envision college to be like this too. Although students might think college is either partying or being studious all the time it really is a mixture of both. The key to surviving the first semester at UC Merced, you have to study, manage time and get involved. I cannot stress these three things enough. They might seem simple, but they are very crucial in surviving the first semester in college. Step number one to surviving your first semester at UC Merced: study. Studying might seem like one of those things you could do the day before the exam or not at all. I strongly suggest you don’t do that, unless you really want to fail. Studying in college is utterly different than studying for high school, so as soon as you walk on campus erase all the habits you thought helped you once ace a test. Studying in college means sitting down on a chair and doing absolutely nothing else than reviewing your notes or whatever the professor give you to study off of. As soon as an outline is out study, live and breathe it, get it like you would an iPhone on a Black Friday sale. I’m telling you ahead so apply it and don’t be like me a first…

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