The Survey Instrument Created For This Study Includes Relational Questions

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The survey instrument created for this study includes relational questions to discover whether one or more working conditions predicts teacher retention and whether the absence of one or more working conditions predicts the likelihood a teacher will leave teaching or migrate to a new building. The survey contains both Likert-type scaled response ratings and demographic questions designed to identify teacher characteristics such as grade level. There are four constructs in this study: academics, school climate, shared leadership, and induction programs. Because these four constructs have not been directly measured, they are referred to as unobserved variables (Urdan, 2010). Each construct contains several working conditions, which are the independent variables in this study. The survey contains several questions, or observed variables, because they have been measured by the survey questions and have thus been observed (Urdan, 2010 add him to my citations).
In order to maximize the response rate, the survey must be short, taking a maximum of fifteen minutes to complete. Questions requiring more time to complete will be intermixed with shorter questions to reduce fatigue by participants.
The data will be analyzed to learn which independent variables or combinations of independent variables are correlated with teacher retention. These data will be used to make predictions about the likelihood of teacher retention or to predict whether teachers are likely to leave…

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