The Supreme Court Rejected A Lenient 30 Day Suspension Of The Law License Of Attorney

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In 2015, the Tennessee Supreme Court rejected a lenient 30-day suspension of the law license of attorney, Robert Vogel, who was caught by federal authorities in a sex scandal involving a young pill-addicted female client (Satterfield, 2015). The attorney was also accused of providing confidential information to a judge about a client in a separate matter (Satterfield, 2015). In 2012, the Knoxville attorney was appointed to represent the girlfriend of the leader of a $6.5 million pill distribution network, when he began to beg the client to engage in sexual encounters (Satterfield, 2015). The client complied with his requests, stating that she felt Vogel “held her future in his hands” because she faced serious federal prison time (Satterfield, 2015). The women tried to end the relationship on several occasions, but Vogel insisted that they continue the relationship, eventually being caught in action by his wife and children (Satterfield, 2015). During this time, Vogel continued to negotiate a plea deal for his client, but the chief of the criminal division at the U.S Attorney’s Office filed a motion to have him removed from the case (Satterfield, 2015). Vogel was removed from the case, confessed to the sex scandal, and checked himself into an inpatient treatment center for sex addicts (Satterfield, 2015). His license was protected through the Tennessee Lawyer’s Assistance Program, which typically helps attorneys with alcohol or drug addictions (Satterfield, 2015).…

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