Essay on The Supreme Court Place A Ban On The Death Penalty

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In 1972, the Supreme Court place a ban on the death penalty all fifty states. The court recognized that the system allowed for cruel and unusual punishment, and ruled that until the system was amended, there would be no executions in the United States. Even though the death penalty has since been reinstated in many states, the court created criteria to define "cruel and unusual punishment". It would be defined as "degrading to human dignity", "arbitrary", "rejected throughout society", and "unnecessary" (Furman)(Cruel). Capital punishment fits this criteria and should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
In regards to the justice system, the state must exercise control in the administration of punishment. The state has the power to enact justice with harsh punishments, but must not implement a sentence which is unnecessary. The Supreme Court has determined that no defendant may be put to death unless the sentence is necessary. The death penalty however, is never necessary as it does not deter crime or save the state any money. States with the death penalty have a pattern of high homicide rates while states without the death penalty generally boast lower rates. According to a report by New York Times,"The homicide rate in states with the death penalty has been 48 percent to 101 percent higher than in states without the death penalty" (Bonner). While politicians claim that capital punishment is a deterrent to violent crime, there is little evidence to…

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