The Summer Up Before The Sun Essay

1041 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
As I wake up before the sun is above the horizon to go hunting, in this camper with a couple small mattresses I wipe my eyes with the palm of my hand to remove the crust away from my eyes. It feels like brushing off wet sand from a warm piece of leather. Noticing that I am the last one to wake up, quickly I dress in heavy clothing from my suitcase. As I walk out across the driveway to enter the house, I feel uneasy and afraid with a sinking feeling in my stomach and chest to be outside and alone in the dark. While feeling this way I can smell the dew covered trees and the damp soil from the melting snow. I hear absolute silence as it is calming me, but also giving me a bit more of a scare. I am walking in the house noticing the amount of clothes I have on makes me feel like I am wrapped in a bunch of pillows. Making it hard to move with ease. Entering the house I remove the top heaviest clothing, walking in closer to the kitchen I begin to hear laughter. I feel kind of joyful when walking into the fun, wondering what I have missed. The first thing I here when I walk into the kitchen is “ It’s about time you wake up, all the deer probably gone up and left” from one of my uncles. Quick chuckles come from everyone one in the room including me. The aroma of microwaved bacon, and stove top cooked eggs filled the room. “ Your aunt is cooking breakfast for all of us” coming from my dad across the room. He also yells “ Make sure you tell her thank you”. Before I say anything she…

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