The Summer Resort : A Destination For A Backwoods Area With Excellent Fishing And Hunting The Winter Resort

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With steady improvements and with more of the tourist looking for a backwoods area with excellent fishing and hunting the Summer Resort started to flourish. On of the earliest guests of John 's Summer Resort was two families of Bampfield 's, James and his brother along with their wives on an 1895 fishing excursion. The Bampfields were one of the wealthiest families in Niagara Falls Ontario whose success emanated form various commercial development such as the Great Western Restaurant and a stockholder in the Niagara Falls Electric Light and Power Company. One of their sons, James Jr. brought electricity to the Niagara Falls area. Their family home, Bampfield Hall, is now a historic site.
In mid-July 1898, one of the guests that John and Lucinda hosted was Mr. Cawthra Mulock, son of William Mulock, the then current Postmaster General of Canada, prominent lawyer and MP. Although only 16 at the time, Cawthra had just inherited $2,700,000 from his great-aunt who had died the previous year. Cawthra’s elder brother William and sisters Edith and Ethel missed out for unknown reason’s. The young lad was to become an active clubman, spirited and well-travelled. While at Blackstone Lake, he had good weather with temperatures ranging from 26-30°C and only one day of rain for his week visit. Cawthra went home after catching a string of fish and a few large Muskellunge. A week later, rumours swirled about his father being knighted, which turned out to be true. By 1906-07 he built the well…

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