Alexander Orill The President Of The Ladies Aid Society

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Alexander married Maud Drury on April 6, 1897. Once married he left the Otter Lake area where uncle Daniel and his brother-in-law Sam Cochrane and his sister homesteaded, and headed down the Christie Road on his own plot of land (Lot 13 Con. 10) right along side Maud’s parent 's farm. He had 100 acres there and built a standard size house with 4 rooms and one barn. As many men at the time, Alexander worked on the road in the summer of 1904 being compensated $10 for the effort.
They named their first child after Alexander’s father, Robert Frederick (b June 10, 1898). Maud’s next three births, all boys, created a sadness and a deepening sense of insecurity for some of the people of the area. The first two had died very young and the third born
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She involved herself quite extensively in social circles by becoming the President of the Ladies Aid Society (after all she is the one the founded it!), a member of the Crystal Chapter, Orillia (a part of the Ladies Orange Benevolent Association) and an honorary member of the Grand Lodge in Windsor. In a surprise birthday party in 1953 at the Orange Hall, she became a life member of the Ladies Aid. It was quite a large celebration with Mr. J. Anderson singing “Finlandia” a rousing hymn, “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere” and “Over the Dark Blue Sea” plus many more religious themed songs. Gifts included a rhinestone necklace and earrings. Not to be outdone, Maud introduced
the new minister of the United Church, Rev. R.M. Dingwall and presented flowers to Mrs Dingwall. It was all completed with a buffet and a ‘beautiful’ birthday cake. Her grandson Fred was also able to attend having just returned from Orillia and Toronto and ‘a few days rabbit hunting in Hagersville’. She would have many more birthdays!
Keeping the year 1953 busy one could also find Maud directing “A Reach of a Family” variety show at McTier with a cast of 20 and then there was the wedding for the youngest of her brood, granddaughter,

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