I Eliza Hamilton Summary

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This book is titled I, Eliza Hamilton and is written by Susan Holloway Scott. The genre of the book is Historical Fiction. It takes place in several different locations as in Albany, New York, New York, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Morristown, New Jersey. It takes place during the times of 1777 to the mid 1800s. This book is the recollection of Elizabeth Hamilton’s life.
Eliza Hamilton is the most important character of this book. She is about the age of 20 when the book begins and is at death when the book ends. She is about the average height, with dark hair and eyes. She is a very slender woman, but as she recalls not very beautiful. Alexander Hamilton is the next most important character, who is the husband of Elizabeth. He
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They were planned to get married in December of 1780. Alexander was distraught with his position as aide- de- camp to George Washington. He would often complain to Elizabeth that he wasn’t getting enough war time. Elizabeth was often worried.
One day he was summoned to go to war before they were planned to get married. Elizabeth wanted to run off and get married before he left. Alexander would have none of it because he did not want to ruin his relationship with Catherine and Phillip as Angelica had done. Elizabeth could do nothing but comply with his wishes. They finally got married when His Excellency, also known as George Washington, gave Alexander a couple of weeks to get married.
Over the year or two Elizabeth was upset that she hadn’t bear a child yet. When she finally did, it was the most exciting for her and Alexander. They named their child Phillip after Elizabeth’s father. Soon after Phillip was born Alexander had to return to war. The years kept coming, and Alexander grew more the unhappier as an aide- de-
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They didn’t like the influence he had on the president. Thomas Jefferson in particular had many claims printed in the newspapers about Alexander. Alexander decided to make a pamphlet replying to these claims. He presented it to Elizabeth to read.
He warned Elizabeth that she might not want to read it in her fragile state after child birth. Elizabeth said that if she could read the ridiculous claims against him she could read his pamphlet. She was devastated to read that he had committed adultery while she was away with her sick son John. She remembered that the young woman had called upon Alexander, and she had thought nothing of it.
Elizabeth left with her children and returned to her parents place for a long while. When she returned, she decided she should forgive him for her and her children’s sakes. They lived a long and happy life, until Alexander was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr. In the years to come Elizabeth was wrought with great loss. Her father and mother were both killed soon after Alexander. Elizabeth continued to do great things like, help with the founding of the first Orphanage

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