The Summer Of 2012 - Original Writing Essay

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It was the summer of 2012. I could not believe this was actually happening! There we were, eagerly waiting at the airport for our plane to arrive. My dad with three brothers, Carl 15, Blane 12, Melane 12, and I, Doris 13. We were leaving my hometown in Cameroon to finally meet our mom after eight years. Living with my dad for so long had made me realize that change was not such a bad thing. We patiently sat underneath a rectangular sign reading “Departures”
“No” Blane rose his voice, “you lost again, it 's my turn now!” At the corner, my brothers all sat waiting for their chance at playing the only gaming device they brought with them.
“Shhh.. Shhh..” my dad said in a soft voice, “you guys need to take turns playing please?”
“Yes dad” said Melane. My brothers wore full-length, loose-fitting jeans with hooded, baggy sweatshirts. They did not mind the wait as long as they had something compelling to do. My dad, who sat next to me looked down at his one of a kind, antique watch and says “It 's almost five o 'clock” he said impatiently, “we leave in a quarter after five!”
“Ok dad,” I responded, while the others kept their full attention on the video game they were playing.
“It’ll come before you know it” I replied again. We had all rode planes before but never to the United States. I recalled that earlier that year, my mom won lottery tickets to bring her family to the United States. My dad did not express much interest in coming. “Why didn’t he wat to come with us?” I…

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