The Impact Of London On The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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The Impact of London on the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The setting of a story creates the atmosphere from which a story grows and progresses. Locale, public setting, and other attributes to a good setting allow the story to be personal to the reader. A great setting influences the story. In the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, historic 19th Century London is the backdrop for the fascinating Robert Louis Stevenson tale. True to it’s historic value, London thrives in the novel as the scene of conflict as well as resolution in the case of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll. Throughout the novel, London permeates itself into the overall direction of the story. London’s thriving success, as found in the massive population boom due to the Industrial Revolution, is clear throughout the novel and lays guidelines by which the story plays itself out. It is not merely a setting of time and place, but a major factor in the plot formation and the theme of the novel. Set in the Late-19th Century Modern London, Robert Louis Stevenson uses the mystic and troublesome nature of this historic setting to add a feeling of unrest and divisive cruelty, relying on the relative mix of darkness and light of the city to highlight the class struggle throughout the story. 19th Century London was a thriving metropolis, still increasing in trade, political stature, and growing as a financial giant. In this time period, London is the largest city on Earth, with a population of over 6.7 Million…

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