Jekyll And Hyde Analysis

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Stevenson's Use of Setting in The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

"The strange case of doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1885. The story is set in the late nineteenth
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Also I think Stevenson is also trying to show the contrast between good and evil to link with doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because the door is on one side of the house and it is the only part of the house which is run down. The rest of the house is clean and well looked, this shows the opposite sides.

Stevenson use similes and personification in chapter 12 for example it says "like a fire in a forest" this is a simile showing it stands out he also says "like rows of smiling saleswomen" , this is another positive simile which is used, this is also showing the area stands out, but there is also negative descriptions used for example to describe there door " sinister block of building" and "thrust forward" this is contrasting negative and positive within one area, in a close space as thrust forward is a aggressive personification, this links to Hyde as he is two people Jekyll positive Hyde negative and aggressive.

Stevenson shows two sides of London by the description of the door and the street, this is trying to show a good side and a bad side
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The whole chapter is full of contrasts good and bad, always linking to the theme of the duality of nature two sides to everything.

In chapter two, we see Utterson reading Jekylls will and is troubled by the contents, so he then takes it upon him self to visit Jekylls old friend Lanyon and discovers, Jekyll and Lanyon had a disagreement about work.Utterson then had a sinster dream about a man called Hyde that Enfield had told him about earlier that day, but the character has no face. so he goes back to the door himself and Enfield passed on their walk, and waited so he could see Hyde for himself. Utterson has a bad impression of Hyde. He then goes to Jekyll house and questions Poole about Hyde, he tells him that Hyde is Jekylls assistant and has the run of the house and only enters by the back door.

In chapter two the street of Londonare described as mysterious. One of the phrases which is used is "under the face of a fogged moon", this makes the streets sound as if there is darkness and hidden away, as its covered so it cant be seen properly, giving a feel of

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