Essay about The Suffrage Of African Americans And The Civil War

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The United States became a more democratic society after the Civil War through the liberation of African American slaves and development of racial equality and the increase of mobility and empowerment of women. Both of these aspects were previously treated with grave inequalities, and after the Civil War each group steadily gained more power and freedom. A democratic society must include freedoms for all citizens regardless of their origins. The definition of a democratic society is very debatable due to the vague meaning that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. A democratic society means each citizen is treated fairly and given fair representation in political, social, and economical issues. For a country to become more or less democratic would depend upon the treatment of the people. The suffrage of African Americans and women is vastly important to a democratic society due to the importance of equality. The main reason for having a democratic government is to allow fair and equal representation of each person, and while race and gender were difficult to ignore at first, the eventual acceptance of these two groups helped to form a more democratic society. The first way to determine if the United States is more democratic is through the treatment of races. Many of Hahn’s arguments in A Nation Under Our Feet show the perspective of the treatment of African Americans during and after the Civil War and how, despite many obstacles, African Americans were able to gain…

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