Essay on The Success Of The American Education System

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As of late 2014, America had been ranked fourteenth in education in the world. A far cry from the number one rank most Americans are used to being proud off. Due to the fact that we are now a far cry of thirteen from the top spot, many are beginning to see our education system as a failure. The reality of the situation is that the quality of the American education system is unknown. With forty-eight million students in the public school system and forty-nine of parents thinking there is too much standardized testing, no one is willing to give the extensive tests to all the students in order to get a true measure. With all of the unknown, the question of how the notion of the education system failing is raised, and if there are examples of its success.
Measuring the success of an education is already difficult, especially a system as large as the American one. Testing is already a controversial subject within the system that measurement is more difficult than it may seem. Overall three fourths of parents think that testing is important in the education system is important to make sure children are on track, this number has become significantly higher since the implementation of the common core tests, which have been proven to be high quality test that also create high quality data. This is due to the fact that the tests are more open ended, allowing for a more free flowing train of thought, as well as being more useful to instruct children, leading to less class time being…

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