The Success Of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Benjamin Franklin believed that every person can become more wealthy, healthy, and wise through hard work and self discipline. I believe in his belief because it doesn’t matter how difficult or easy it is to accomplish a goal; at the end of the day, what counts is the satisfaction of the work and experience a person puts into it. Franklin didn’t favor luck or opportunities, but instead became successful through hard work.
Franklin was many things such as an author, inventor, scientist, and a printer. But what some people may not know was that all of the things he was known for that were listed and more; hard work played a huge role in them. Even though he only attended school for two years, his curiosity, interest, and the thirst for knowledge strived on. He proved that education is not a prime role or the center of importance when it comes to being successful in life. Success can be achieved by working hard, being ambitious, being curious, and having an open mind about things.
In the autobiography, Franklin started his career off as a printer. He was no doubt one of the most successful printers during his time in America. He has provided many examples of how he came about, and how his belief proved to be correct. Franklin seemed to be ambitious, honest, and obviously hardworking. During his time, the printing industry was probably difficult to get into, and Franklin would need to know connections, and as much help he could get. He has made friends who combined equal…

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