The Success Of A Good Samaritan Essay

1781 Words Nov 24th, 2016 8 Pages
A couple of years ago, my brother told me about this “Good Samaritan” in his class that introduced him to a job that can yield millions in no time. Thos class mate “Good Samaritan” explain this job as a program rather than an everyday job. He claims you are enrolled by investing a small amount in the program, then you become a recruiting agent for the program, the new investors also invest in this great program and whoever recruited the new recruiter gets a share of the investment. As a fresh graduate this sounded great, but as an Accounting Major it rang too many illegalities and fraud, I just couldn’t phantom it. I ask my brother, I will give it a try and attend their upcoming meeting. They tried very hard to explain why this program is not the pyramid scheme after I asked, but I made a decision not to return after the first meeting. Aftermy experience with my brother’s “good samaritan” I decided to dig deep into these illegal schemes where I discovered Ponzi scheme. Even though both are illegal, there is slight difference the two. While the funds from new recruiters are used to pay the recruiters in the pyramid scheme as explained earlier, with the Ponzi scheme funds from the new members are used to pay earlier members. Ponzi scheme members, unlike the pyramid scheme members are believed not to be aware there are in an illegal program, this is true because the meeting I went with the good samaritan proved that it is not a pyramid scheme when I raised the…

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