Essay on The Success And Obstacles Of A Entrepreneur

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The aim of this report is to discuss and compare two entrepreneurs who have founded companies which have become successful and well know in their industry.
This report presents the success and obstacles of each entrepreneur as faced throughout the building of their companies.
Entrepreneur (Background)
Darren McKenna moved to Ireland 15 years ago from America. Academically he did do very well as in his leaving cert he only got 150 point. From there he went on to attend pulse college in Dublin for 2 years studying sound engineering. He spent 6 years working in sales and customer relations with Eircom. After deciding that he wanted to return to college, to studio Audio Visual Media Technologies in IADT, he built a recording studio in his parent house as this would enable him to practice the technic’s, which he would be learning in college, In his own time. When in his final year in IADT as his final project he built SecreLine which was a home and business security alarm system which he was sponsored by Intel to make and also gained him a place as a finalist in Engineers Ireland Innovative Student of the Year Award. Once he graduated, with the help of Paul Murphy, he began working with Quick Smart AV which at the time was a start up audio, video and media production company. Darren worked there for 9 months before pursuing other options.

David Ek was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He received his first computer from his parents as a child which allowed him…

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