The Style Of A Theatre Essay

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Due to our piece being the style of a theatre in education performance, we decided that we should all multirole to remind the audience that what they are watching is fictional. We also thought that by multi-rolling everybody would get an equal speaking part in the performance. The main character of this piece is a teenage boy named Zac Wainright. We decided to follow the styles of a theatre in education piece by using a stereotype of the kind of person who would take drugs and decided that a teenage boy bets fit this stereotype. Zac is going to show the audience how easily a person can be pressured into taking drugs by peers and how it can be avoided. Through this character we will also be showing the audience the dangers of drugs and what can happen if they are taken. We thought that it would be best to portray Zac as a sensible, intelligent boy in order to highlight to the audience that it is very easy to be peer pressured into doing something which you would usually not do. Despite this however, we still wanted the character to be relatable to many members of the audience, so we have tried to make him speak in a way that our target audience (teenagers aged 13-16) would usually speak. We did this by making his dialogue informal and often use slang. This will also avoid the piece feeling too much like the audience are being lectured about what they should not do, rather than being shown what could happen. We wanted to show the audience that Zac had regretted…

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