The Study Of A Course At The University Of California Riverside

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The current study consisted of a total of 80 undergraduate students who were recruited from the University of California Riverside. Consequently, the ages of the participants ranged from 18-25 years of age with the average age being 21 years of old. Furthermore, the sample was comprised of 60 females and 20 male students. Over all, the majority of the sample consisted of 34 Hispanic students including Mexican American, Central American, and others. Next, 20 of the participants in the sample were Asian or Asian American including Chinese, Japanese, and others. Moreover, the third biggest group of participants identified as White Caucasian, Anglo European American, not Hispanic students who made up a total of 9 participants from the sample. Additionally, a total of 8 participants identified as other, 5 participants identified as mixed ethnicity, and only 4 participants identified as black or African-American.
Participants in this study were recruited from a convenient sample of 80 undergraduate students taking a course in psychological research methods. The study consisted of a 20-minute survey that could be taken on any PC, laptop, or mobile device. Participants were asked to take the online survey during the first day of class lab as an in class assignment and though many took the survey on their personal laptops, those who did not have a laptop or mobile device with them were provided with a classroom PC to take the survey. Since the…

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