The Student Self Initiated Challenge Of Examination Questions

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The researchers understood the need in a business program to incorporate critical thinking into the entire curriculum. The researchers developed a pedagogical method to address the need for critical thinking practice in the classroom. The “Student Self-Initiated Challenge of Examination Questions” (SSCEQ) is a new approach that seamlessly incorporates the development of critical thinking skills with no loss of time to cover the course material. This method permits students to identify and challenge objective examination items such as true/false and multiple choice questions in written form directly on their examinations during testing and orally in class after the examinations are scored and returned. The opportunity to improve their grade motivates students to engage with their professor and other students, thereby increasing overall class discussion and participation. SSCEQ has become so popular students have affectionately deemed it the “Dot Method.”

The methodology looks into the relationship between an advanced curriculum design and engaging critical thinking to ensure stronger academic performance. Testing pedagogy was used to assess the effectiveness of engaging business student learning by researching a business law program. The curriculum was designed on several key objectives: ensuring students were motivated to learn, develop student ability to properly interpret questions posed, teach students how to understand multiple sides of an issue, and strengthen…

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