Essay on The Struggles Of The First Generation College Students

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“Young, almost broke and attending college”. College is stressful for any incoming college freshman entering a new environment. However, statistically 89 percent of first generation college students are more likely to drop out of school than students who have college graduates in their families. Ana, from the movie Real Women Have Curves, and Sara, from the novel Bread Givers, show the struggles of the first generation college students. Even though Ana and Sara surpassed all odds against them overcoming their challenges dealing with family traditions and meeting college expectations did not happen with ease. Compared the second generation students, it is challenging for the first generation students to succeed because they do not have support or college knowledge guiding them through college.
Being the first to go to college in their family, the first generation students does not have the support or understanding from their parents in pursuing their education. The parents choose not to go the college and coming from their perspective they are just as successful even if they didn 't go to college. This causes tension between the student, who see themselves going beyond high school level, and parent, who does not value education. In the movie Real Women Have Curves, Ana believed getting and education was imperative, since she made it into a prestigious high school in Beverly Hills she knew she wanted to get a degree and make something of herself. However her family did not…

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