The Stress Of Children With Developmental Disabilities Essay examples

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According to the article of A Model of Stress in Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities (Perry, 2004), stress is a daily hassle paradigm. It suggests it is not necessarily a major life event that is stressful but all the everyday frustrations and hassles associated with it. “Stress is understood as the physiological and psychological reactions that an organism goes through, usually in stages to adapt to a stressful situation.” (Perry, 2004) The stressors include Child characteristics and other life stressors. In the book Let Me Hear Your Voice, we can see many examples of stress in Catherine’s family.
Throughout the novel, there are a number of instances of child characteristics for both Anne-Marie and Michel. On page 144, Catherine quotes “One frightening behaviour that increased for a couple of weeks was face-hitting. I actually broke out into a cold sweat each time I saw her do this.” (Maurice, 1993). This shows the stress that Catherine faced due to the actions of Anne-Marie. Another example of the stress associated with child characteristics is seen on page 158 when Catherine observes another child 's behaviours and his mother 's reaction. “He was constantly in motion, dancing on his toes, flapping his hands, squealing, shaking his head, jumping up and down, completely locked into his own world. His mother ….appeared quite literally exhausted with grief: gray skin, hollow eyes, mouth clenched into a tight line of pain.” (Maurice, 1993)
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