The Importance Of Catherine's Character Change In Rules By Cynthia Lord

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In the book Rules by Cynthia Lord, the main character, Catherine, undergoes dramatic character changes throughout the story due to her experiences with Jason, another character in the story.
Before Catherine’s character change, she was shown to be overlooked, responsible, and reserved. Lord writes, “Everyone expects a tiny bit from him and a huge lot from me” (61). To illustrate, Catherine is bothered that her autistic brother, David, is expected to apply himself a little, and how she is expected to apply herself to the point of stress. She thinks that this is unfair because of his disability. In addition, Catherine’s family focuses too much on David’s autism, which is the center of their daily lives, to notice how much work she puts into looking after him and protecting him, so she feels that her parents don’t notice the concern she displays for David’s life.
Likewise, Lord also writes, “...and sometimes I have to babysit while she meets with clients or makes phone calls” (35). In the novel, Catherine has to babysit David sometimes while her mom is working. In fact, this shows that she is prepared to look after her brother if her parents are engaged in their careers. Plus, Catherine looks after her brother even though it’s difficult work than usual because of his disease. She sacrifices the time she spends drawing and doing favors for her friends to take care of David.
Furthermore, Lord states,“I want to yell at her, ‘It’s not that easy!’ David can’t even figure out

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