The Strength Of The Energy Drink Industry Essay

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The strength of the energy drink industry is what drives the industry. The industry itself has marketing tactics at its advantage and a large customer base. Red Bull as an example had a specific target market of athletes, artists, musicians, and younger people. Focusing on their specific target markets helped them to strongly and efficiently build their brand. They were able to reach out to their target market because of their different marketing tactics and were able to gain supporters and a strong fan base who believed in what Red Bull as a company stood for.
There are not many leading weakness factors in the energy drink industry. Red Bull’s weaknesses did not dictate their success. Due to their unique branding technique, they charged more for a can of Red Bull than a can of Pepsi or Coke would cost. Other companies in the industry might face the same problems. This might give customers the incentive to purchase a substitute good at a much more convenient price. Making an energy drinks comes with many health regulations. Red Bull faced many health issues affiliated with their drink. Some countries banned this drink due to the health risks.
The opportunities for an energy drink can bring the company to the top. Due to Red Bull expanding and becoming more than just and energy drink company, their opportunities were endless. They began their expansion with their media house and a phone service in a select few countries and if they continue to expand and build their brand…

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