The Strategies That Law Enforcement Agencies Use Help Prevent Crime And The Innocent People

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Stops and frisks are some of the strategies that law-enforcement agencies use to help prevent crime and also to protect the officers and the innocent people from the dangers that could be the outcome of those crimes. Well, this is what exactly happened one afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio on 1968. Martin McFadden who has been a “police detective for thirty nine years” observed two men who were “acting strangely out on the streets of downtown Cleveland” (Criminal Procedure et al). According to McFadden, the two men have been "walking back and forth separately along Euclid Avenue" (aclu). This would have been considered a normal situation in downtown Cleveland had the two strangers not continued to meet and conferenced with each other in front of a jewelry store after each pace (aclu). Having observed them do their routine 24 times, McFadden finally walked up to the men, who were joined by another man, and introduced himself as a police officer. When one of them “mumbled something” instead of saying their names, McFadden "spun one of them around and then patted his overcoat to check for weapons, to which he found, but was not able to remove, a pistol" from Terry (cornell). Because of this, McFadden frisked the other guys, and further recovered a revolver from Chilton, while the third man did not carry any weapons. With this, the three were taken to the police station, but only Chilton and Terry were "charged with carrying concealed weapons" (cornell). Eventually the two men…

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