Essay on The Story Of The Apartment

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The apartment was small. The boys had a love hate relationship with their home. It was a cheap rent and had a good view but it was tiny and had a grungy feel to it. There is one living room that also serves as a kitchen. On the left of the room there is a set of stairs that lead up to the loft area where the bedrooms are. Luke and Michael each their own and Calum and Ashton chose to share. The bedrooms are tiny but it’s okay to the boys. Most of the time the boys hung out in the livingroom. The livingroom was the biggest room of the house. Consisting of a black L shaped couch, and a few bean bags it made a great hangout place for the boys. Michael sat in the corner of the couch listening to his music. He wasn’t much of a morning person. It was only ten in the morning. Every Friday morning at exactly 9:25 am the garbage truck never fails to wake up the entire house.

“Guys we won!” Luke cheered loudly throwing his hands in the air. Ashton and Calum looked up from his game of Pool they had been battling through text messages.

“Oi! Shut up Hemmings!” Michael snapped. Luke rolled his eyes. Luke and Michael had always had a love hate relationship. Michael ignored Luke by turning up his music pressing his headphones deeper into his ears.

“Won what?” Calum asked. Luke groaned throwing his head back. He stuck his phone in Calum 's face showing him an email.

“The contest! Remember we recorded the song cover and sent it in!” Luke whinned. Calum took the phone from Luke and began…

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