The Story Of An Hour Louise Mallard Essay

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In the story, The Story of an Hour Louise Mallard was a woman stricken with a severe heart complication. Her husband’s name was Brently Mallard. She thought it was just an ordinary spring day. The sky was blue displaying a few clouds. Sparrows could be heard whistling in the distance. However, this day would soon be anything but ordinary. There was a man named Richards who would reveal the information that caused this day to be horrific. This man was a friend of Louise’s husband. Richards was present in the newspaper office when he received knowledge of the railroad disaster. Louise’s husband’s name was at the top of the list of those killed. Although Richards was present, this tragic news was given to Louise by her sister Josephine. Louise exploded with unmanageable and uncivilized emotion after she received the news. However, she soon started to enjoy the fact she would not be told what to do anymore. In the light of Louise’s reaction to his death, I feel that she did not love her husband because she showed some emotion but not very much, she felt free at last, and she was ready to start her freedom without him in her life. I feel that Louise did not love her husband because she showed some emotion, but not very much when she received the horrible report of her husband’s death. Louise, while in Josephine’s arms, experienced a brief downpour of bereavement. Furthermore, when she retired to her room, she continued to weep for a short time. On the other hand, just as quickly…

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