The Stigma Of The Hiv / Aids Essay

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Another element of HIV projected in this film is the explicitly of disgust with the physical impacts of the HIV/AIDS. The most important visible sign, which was an indication to Mr. Kenton that Beckett had HIV was a lesion on Beckett’s forehead. Mr. Kenton recognized a lesion from his previous experiences with Ms. Benedict. This is where the problems for Beckett began. Beckett is so ashamed of his lesions that he calls in sick for four days despite a crucial case that was pending within their firm. There is actually a comical scene where his other gay friends are trying to use bronzer to cover up the lesions. To me, Beckett trying to cover up his inevitable condition and not wanting to go into public indicates that there is no way to escape the disease and there is a physical reminder an inevitable future. How can one survive in a society where people live in fear of a human because of a disease that can be clearly identified? How does this stigma specifically affect white, gay men?
In relation to the physical signs of HIV, the public’s reaction was clear and unwelcoming. Joe Miller even says, “Mr. Becket…I’m sorry about what happened to, it’s a bitch you know?” Yes, it is unfortunate that people get HIV; however, the sex negativity surround the disease and more particularly for gay men seems to make it hard for others to empathize with their disease. In Joe Miller’s case, I think his lack of empathy stemmed from his homophobia. While at home trying to decide if he should…

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