Essay on The Stigma Of Mental Illness

1000 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
People find strength and meaning through many different areas of their life. Official religious traditions can be extremely powerful for individuals to realize their power and strength but sometimes they can prevent an individual from going and receiving additional help. Mental illness still carries a large amount of stigma in present day American culture. If a family member is stricken with cancer, neighbors call, bring over food, and are sorry for what is happening. If a family member is diagnosed with a severe mental illness, however, most neighbors do not know how to respond, so they do not respond (Williams, 2012). This stigma causes shame in mental illness which in turn creates a society that is silent about mental health related issues.
Catholicism has so many powerful resources that it can utilize to best support its parishioners. The Catholic Church should be a welcoming community to all, and should be confident that they are welcoming all to their community, no matter of physical or mental illness. Measures can and should be taken to ensure that faith communities feel safe for people suffering with mental illness, these accommodations will vary on the mental illness. More education can also be provided to all members of the community, but especially priests and deacons. If people are dealing with the difficulties of mental illness then they are more likely to share with people they trust. Priests and deacons need to be educated on how to properly respond to such…

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