The State Of Georgia Middle School Essay

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L.M. Montgomery Middle School is located in the Blithe county district. This district has been ranked at 92nd out of 182 districts in the state of Georgia, according to L.M. Montgomery is in the process of becoming a Title 1 school, as about 63% of the students in attendance receive free or reduced lunch. This school is also in the final stages of a renovation, which began during the second half of the previous school year. As a result, the students and teachers are enjoying a fresh environment and new technology in their classrooms. The funds provided by the new Title 1 program have also granted the teachers and students access to additional materials to be used in their classrooms, such as dry erase boards and more access to copying machines. The socioeconomic status of the students is reflective of that in the surrounding community, with a large number coming from families who are at or below the poverty line, or lower-middle class. There are also some students who come from middle or upper-middle class families. L.M. Montgomery is located about 20 miles outside of the city of Atlanta in the city of Avonlea. The population of this area is comprised mostly African Americans, with small numbers of Caucasians and people of Hispanic descent. Despite being an area with many lower- to mid-income families, the area is well maintained and has seen a lot of improvement lately in regards to updated roadways and an influx of new businesses. The classrooms…

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