The Stamp Act Of 1765 Essay

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Arguments about taxation in America in the period of 1764 to 1773 culminated in a move towards independence for reasons such as Americans did not feel like they were part of Britain and as if they were being unfairly treated by their mother nation. However, propaganda also encouraged Americans to move towards independence and there was a developing sense of national identity as America had economically become a fairly self sufficient state.
Arguments over taxes in America caused protests because many Americans felt under-represented in British parliament and therefore did not believe they should have to pay a direct tax. Americans had no representation in parliament and had no right to vote in Britain and therefore no say in what was done with their money, however the government was still determined to control them. The Stamp Act of 1765 was one of the pivotal moves towards wanting independence in America because of this. The tax was used to fund Britain’s empire, giving another reason for Americans to believe they should not have to pay it. The Sons of Liberty organisation developed after the introduction of the Stamp Act and could be regarded as the start of the revolution. This emphasised the notion that Americans were dissatisfied with British rule.
One of the major questions raised by the taxation of Americans was the question of where the increasing control from Britain would end. The Stamp Act in 1765 was followed by the Quartering Act, putting British soldiers…

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