The Effects Of Colonial Resistance To The Proclamation Movement

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Colonial resistance to the "proclamation line" had been one of unifying factors that had committed many English colonists to revolution and helped spread an emerging nationalism. The exciting textbook American Nation, states that, "American independence and control of a wide and rich domain were the most obvious results of the Revolution." The revolution provided access to vast western lands and for many years western expansion would serve as an element that bound the various sections together. Yet as the decades rolled on and the United States added even more land in its march to the Pacific, expansionism led to sectionalism which resulted in the Union being torn apart.

It was an ice cold morning in late February and the wind
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With the loss of his forces due to yellow fever he could no longer fathom holding any part of the new world against British attack. Forgoing his plans Napoleon offered all of Louisiana to Livingston, the American French ambassador. In April of 1803 a treaty was signed by Livingston and James Monroe for the purchase of Louisiana for 15 million dollars. With the introduction of new territories comes woe in congress with sectional issues on admission of slave states into the union. It would be decades before the actual question of the morality of slavery would be addressed and so comes a series of compromises. In the 1800’s Missouri want to be admitted into the union. The north did not want to lose the balance in the house of repersentives with the admission of more slave states due to the three-fifths Compromise, which stated that three- fifths of all slaves would be counted for representation in the house and for federal taxes of that state. With the northern border of Missouri stretching passed “the Ohio river, which they considered slavery’s natural boundaries,” (215) came the fear of competing with slave labor in the north and the spread of an institution that they deplored. So the Missouri Compromise was born. In exchange of Missouri being admitted to the union as a slave state, Maine entered as the Free State to maintain the balance in the senate. Also to alleviate other concerns …show more content…
Mexico was giving away free land to those that would settle it but with conditions that eventually caused Mexico headaches. They required new settlers to be of the catholic faith and in 1829 Mexico outlawed slavery. The indifference to Mexico’s conditions eventually lead to a rebellion and to the Mexican war. After the Mexican war the United States saw the opportunity to acquire parts of Mexico while the Mexican government was in turmoil. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo established the boundary of Texas as the Rio Grande, and sold New Mexico and the upper part of California for 15 million dollars. With the recent acquisition of California came prosperity for the country with the gold rush but also came even more divisive issues to be settled. The admission of California as a state brought back the unsettled issue of slavery and once again another compromise. In October of 1849 California had established a constitution and looking favorable on Presidents Taylor’s plan to just allow California into the union and let them solve the question of slavery for themselves. And the rest of the territories that we received from Mexico could be made into another state. The admission of California as a free state would disrupt the balance in the senate, due to that Californians where set against slavery for the fear of the gold mining could become

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