The Stages Of Development Of Personality Essay

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Personality is comprised of, our ability to feel accepted, to feel as though we belong and to be able to share our worth. As children we are born without an ability to feed, fight, or figure for ourselves. In order for us to survive our childhood, we must be accepted by someone that is willing to do these things for us. After being accepted by someone, our ability to feel as though we belong is the most crucial and longest stage of our development of personality. Finally once we feel our acceptance, we are able to share our self worth, through our abilities to help others in achieving these stages. It is within these three major stages that you will find nine minor stages, once completed, these stages allow us the ability to find self worth, which bring us peace, our ultimate goal. In the first stage of acceptance you will find safety, love and confusion. In the second major stage belonging, you will find three more minor stages, who, understanding and forgiveness. Finally, the last major stage is self-worth; in this major stage you will also see three minor stages, need, value and calling. While the first stage acceptance does not need to bee complete or be fulfilled in order to feel belonging, it is used as a way to determine how much we will need to accomplish for feeling accepted. Once we have moved on from the second stage in order to find peace we must work through the self worth stage, similarly to the second stage. In the Major stage of acceptance, we learn…

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