The Spread Of Disease, Viruses, And Bacteria Essay

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The Spread of Disease, Viruses, and Bacteria

The spread of disease, viruses, and bacteria have been around since the beginning of times. According to Center for Disease and Control Prevention, the first pandemic was recorded in 541 AD, lasting around 200 years, and killing over 25 million people in the Mediterranean. This was known as the Justinian Plague (CDC). CNN shows that hundreds, even thousands of years ago during an epidemic outbreak, the disease would mainly impact the areas where the disease originated from(CNN). Today, we have a much bigger problem. The CDC also shows that Ebola, which is a more recent case, started in Africa has spread all over the world killing more than 11,000 people the past 2 years (CDC). Our problem today isn’t just the virus or disease; it is the outbreak spreading around the world. We ask ourselves how does this happen? But fail to realize that every human being is the main cause of the spread. It is time to find a solution like cleaning up our environment and cracking down on travel regulations to make our families safer in the future. Disease and viruses are being spread at this very moment in a blink of an eye. The scary thing is you cannot even see it. You do not know what you encounter by just picking something up in public or even in your home. Bacteria is constantly growing; people are constantly interacting with others. Before you know it that one person that was infected with something is now infecting others who are…

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