The Spread Of Aids And Hiv Essays

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AIDS and HIV has been one of the leading causes of death in Brazil since the 1990’s. Brazil has an infection rate of up to 47% of the population, making them one of the largest AIDS/HIV affected countries in Latin America ( The infection rate is so high in Brazil, that children as young as 15 are contracting the disease and mothers are infecting their babies during pregnancy. The spread of HIV and AIDS is far more complex than just not using protection. People can help stop the spread of AIDS and HIV in Brazil by fixing the inaccessible roads in Brazil, provide free treatment facilities for drug users, expand prisons, and provide free sex education classes to everyone. In the year 2013, 700,000 Brazilians were infected with HIV, but only half knew they were infected. ( The largest infected age group in Brazil ranges from 30-49 years old, while ages as young as 15 are increasing. Brazil is not a poor country, but lacks resources, roads, and facilities. This causes the urban areas of Brazil to be inaccessible, making it hard for Brazilians to get the resources needed to solve the problem. The causes of the rapid spread of the HIV/AIDS disease in Brazil is due to the urban areas being high in crime rate, sex workers, heterosexual unprotected sex, and drug addicts who share dirty needles. Brazil has taken steps to…

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